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Problems with blown toilets?

Nozzteq's BL Swiper is the original sewer cleaning nozzle that works without the hassle of blowing toilets.

Taking Science To The Sewer®

Nozzteq Sewer Nozzles and Cutters

Clean sewers better, faster, with fewer passes and less fuel; that’s what science is for! NozzTeq sewer nozzles and sewer cutters are the best engineered sewer equipment available; we have been first-to-market with truly innovative equipment that effectively channels the jetting power of today’s trucks, and our unique, patented nozzles and cutters solve real problems for private and municipal sewer maintenance professionals.

We are more than an online ‘store’! We’re obsessed with nozzle technology and we make a point of visiting with customers face-to-face to see how our solutions work in the field. To be certain we’re truly delivering maximum jetting power, we pioneered hose-end testing techniques to refine the actual performance of our advanced sewer equipment.

NozzTeq’s jetters, root cutters, and impact cutters were the first to apply truly excellent design principles to sewer maintenance. And our customers have learned that good design does make a difference. By preserving the smooth flows emitted by truck-mounted equipment and maintaining power and pressure where it matters, at the ‘business end’ of the hose, NozzTeq accessories focus maximum power right where it’s needed—in the sewer. It’s like the difference between a professional football team and a casual game in the backyard; when skill and power are coordinated and work together the results aren’t just a little better, they’re a lot better. In sewers, that means that tightly focused water jets move debris, grease, tuberculation, and other blockages downstream quickly and completely, with fewer passes. And when you get the work done with fewer passes, all sorts of good things happen: less wear on pipe means less damage, trucks and equipment last longer, fuel is saved and, most of all, you clean more pipe in a day.

At NozzTeq, that’s what it’s all about; all the technical expertise in the world would be meaningless if it didn’t help you clean sewers better and faster. That’s why everything we make and sell is exhaustively tested… in the shop and in the field. Before we sell you a nozzle or cutter, we need to be sure it’s going to make your life easier (and your sewers cleaner).

We don’t just invent things; we design systems that work better in the field. Our expertise is based on experience and experimentation, and we apply that expertise on your behalf. We design and assemble custom cleaning packages that solve your daily problems.

The Lumberjack and Paikert Cutters, the Goblin Grease Eater, the BL Swiper, the Ice Bear, and all the other jetting accessories in our lineup are exceptionally well designed and functional—they’re all best of class. But see for yourself; watch the videos on our site, call us for your free DVD, and you can even rent our equipment to give it a try. When you work with the best jetters and cutters available you’ll realize that, when it comes to sewers, science really can make a difference!